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Brand Value

COOLMAX® fabric Brand Value

What makes COOLMAX® fabric different from the myriad of ingredient and performance brands that exist?

At the heart of the COOLMAX® fabric brand is authenticity - it delivers what it promises.  COOLMAX® fabric has revolutionized the apparel athletic wear market since 1986 by providing tangible physiological and psychological benefits.  COOLMAX® fabric is not only an original wicking performance fabric that moves moisture away from the skin, keeping people cool and comfortably dry all day long, it is also a power brand that drives the imagination of consumers and the trade with rapid innovation and technical advancement.

COOLMAX® fabric enables the wearer to improve personal performance.  It allows consumers to perform at their optimum for longer because it keeps bodies cool, dry and comfortable. As a result, the fabric can help improve focus and enhance endurance.  It is a dynamic, successful brand for high achievers who never settle for the status quo. It is linked to high design and engineered apparel.  COOLMAX® fabric is a brand for winners on the cutting edge.

As consumers all over the world become more aware of what today’s “intelligent” clothing can offer, COOLMAX® fabric is becoming an even more powerful brand.

Statistically cool…

2008 research conducted by Strategic Insights Inc., shows that 69 percent of avid runners and 69 percent of avid golfers said that a garment with COOLMAX® fabric is “much better” than a garment with another type of moisture management. For the avid runners, 57 percent of them said that COOLMAX® fabric makes running shorts or pants "much more desirable" while 64 percent indicated the original wicking fabric would make running shirts "much more desirable". For the golf group, 41 percent of avid golfers are likely to own golf shirts with COOLMAX® fabric and 55 percent of this same group indicated that COOLMAX® fabric makes golf shirts “much more desirable.


COOLMAX® fabric is a trademark of INVISTA.